What do Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and a Facebook Friend Have in Common?

by John Zajaros on July 2, 2009

I received a message from a facebook friend. I belong to several groups, some are good, some are vehicles for spam…I get out of them fast! The man who sent me this is usually quite good about sending reliable information and not spamming, he is usually dead-on as far and insights and content. I got this message and I have enclosed the message and my response…and a few notes on the side.

By the way, this is not a knock on the group, it is a quality group, nor the gentleman, he seems like a great guy!

Message begins:

“Hi, John Doe (name changed) here.

Here’s a little thing I’ve noticed recently…

Now, I’ve learned amazing things in my 10 years in the home business industry. Life-changing things.

Here’s a quirky one that makes me giggle.

It’s this…

A. People loves to reference ‘Think and Grow Rich’ as their favorite book.
B. Most of those same people have never read it. 😀

Now, I’m not here to judge you if you haven’t. (It truly is gold.)

Sure, the language in it is a little stiff, but the principles are what success are based on. Hands down. No fluff or filler.

So, here’s my time-saving gift for you…
All of Napoleon Hill’s Success Principles…in one place.

http://his product.com

Print it out and put it on your wall.

Rock and roll,
John Doe (name changed to protect the innocent)
Direct: XXX-XXX-XXXX (someone after my own heart, he puts his phone number on his stuff!)

P.S. I live [X] blocks away from Michael Jackson’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and It’s been a complete mad house over here. Proof that one person CAN absolutely impact the entire world. The next person to do it could be you. :)”

Message ends!

My response:

I wonder why it makes you giggle? Is it just that they haven’t read it or that they are “faking it until they make it,” something the “gurus” have told them to do? Clearly, many of the “fakers” don’t have a clue about the real power of the work…but then I wonder how many “gurus” do either?

I first read Think and Grow Rich after watching Zig Ziglar and J.Douglas Edwards speak years ago, decades ago! It is still with me. The real power of the book in the underlying theme, the unwritten lesson. Like you mentioned in your comment about Michael Jackson, and the impact one person can have on the world, Napoleon Hill was fortunate enough to have a mentor, someone who was wiling to say “Do this… and I will show you the way!” Andrew Carnegie changed Napoleon Hill’s life. Or at least Carnegie provided the vehicle for Napoleon Hill to change his own life. Infinitely more valuable!

Carnegie didn’t say, “Do this and I will show you the way. by the way, that will be 5 easy payments of $497! Or one payment of $97 and, by the way, here’s this one time offer!”

Carnegie said, “Spend the time, do the research, and I will reward your efforts with something of far greater value than money!”

I wonder how many Napoleon Hills are out there without the money for the upsell and the irresistible one-time-offer? A “guru” willing to get paid based on the if-come? Ha! Never happen! Not with the current crop of mentors and “gurus!”

Interestingly, it is precisely the pursuit of riches that most readers take from the work, the main idea or lesson. Yet Hill clearly states that is not where the real treasure lies!

I guess I was just perplexed by the “giggle” comment. Contrary to a “giggle,” I am almost saddened when I think of how profound an impact the work has had and how so many people have it dead wrong!


Response ends!

He Messaged Back!

“Good call, brother John. I should have worded this better. My giggle is the head shaking, “you guys are missing out” kind.

My life has been transformed by Hill’s principles. It seems ludicrous to me that people will reference the book as a favorite, but have never cracked it open.

And like you, it drives me nuts when someone thinks buying one ebook will quickly and easily show them the way. The lessons are learned in doing the thing. And man, doesn’t is seem like all our best stories are from those times we fumbled through it?

Loved hearing your piece of mind.

I saw Zig one time live. Boy, he is a master of owning the stage. (I also get a kick out of when he refers to his wife as “The Redhead.”)

John Doe”

His Response Ends!

I Followed Up!

Well said! Have a great night!

More like a chuckle than a giggle. I know what you mean now.

I think the key is in the title! “THINK” and grow rich! Most people are simply absent the “THINK” in the message, focusing solely on the riches.
Of course, they will never get it, the message or rich…but that’s what makes the world go around, I guess!

Take care!


Response Ends!

I added a couple of comments within the first response but it is 95% as written. The second part is 100% us! I wonder what Napoleon Hill or for that matter Andrew Carnegie would have to say about the interpretation many have applied as gospel? The gospel according to Napoleon Hill! I would be willing to bet the man is spinning in his grave. If Napoleon Hill could, I will bet you he would shout from the tree tops, for all to hear:

“You’ve got it all wrong!”

The fact is, many do have it wrong! There are key words many readers seem to have missed or simply do not get!

Words like:

Burning Desire

and so many more!

Think about the words in the context he used them, in the context of the day! The history of the times! Not how we shape them but how they were intended…as a guide, a process, and a journey!

There is no ultimate destination, other than death!

Success, and in fact life is all a process, a discovery process, a lifetime PURSUIT!

Success is the pursuit of a worthwhile or worthy ideal or goal!

The goal is simply a stepping stone to the next goal and the next worthwhile pursuit!

A goal is a single event in a lifetime full of PURSUITS, endeavors, journeys, and processes!

Riches are not a destination, they may be a reflection of how effectively you translate action into dollars, time into money. But they are in fact only a reflection, and not a very good one!

The destination? The goal? To live life fully and without remorse! Full of hope, and faith (in something, anything!), and love!

A successful life as one individual sees it, may not be a successful life for another. If success is viewed in terms on dollars?

Mother Teresa died a failure!

Success is the worthwhile pursuit of an ideal, a QUEST! When you look back upon your life, that is when:

The Quest is Revealed!

Will you die serene and fulfilled, as Mother Teresa did?

Or will you die one of the richest people on the planet, whose final words were:

I blew it!” Sam Walton

Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.
Skype: johnzajaros1
and about 30 more!

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