The Ultimate One-Two Punch in CPA Affiliate Marketing!

by John Zajaros on November 11, 2009

We have heard a great deal about CPA lately with some of the biggest names in CPA, such as Mike Hill of CPA Tsunami, coming out of the closet and telling us all how great it can be. The fact is, CPA has been around for quite some time and is in fact one of the best kept secrets in affiliate marketing…at least until recently.

For those who are not sure what CPA or the Cost-per-Action Model of advertising and affiliate marketing is all about:

The Cost-per-Action or CPA model is based on marketers being paid only for specific actions made by clients and/or prospective clients, such as clicks leading to a specific offer, registrations or leads, and sales. The basis of the entire model is that an advertiser pays a marketer only for a specific action defined in advanced and usually brokered through an affiliate network, sometimes known as a CPA network.

Affiliates are paid once the sale or lead is generated for a specific campaign the advertiser is running.

In the CPA world, an affiliate is also known as a publisher, someone who can promote an advertisement on a website, in a newsletter, via search engine marketing, etc. In other words, the affiliate (publisher) promotes an advertiser’s (merchant’s) service or product (merchandise) on their website or blog, via email marketing, and by PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

The parameters of the advertising and marketing campaign are clearly defined in advance by the advertiser, often restricting the kind of advertising allowed.

Interestingly, CPA networks often have a double qualifying system where the affiliate or publisher must first apply and be accepted into the specific network, like Clickbooth for instance, and then in some cases must then go through another selection and approval process to be approved by the individual advertisers or merchants. The process is often very selective for both affiliates and advertisers, ensuring a profitable experience for those interested in this sort of marketing.

While selective, the CPA opportunity is by no means restrictive and, should you be accepted, the sky is the limit, as this is one of the most lucrative arenas marketers can play and compete in.

This may be, at least in part, why up until recently you may not have heard much about it. The recent appearance of products emphasizing CPA and the incredible opportunities available to those who wish to explore this income opportunity have it catching on quite rapidly.

Make no mistake, this is where many of the “big boys” play! Most, if not all of the names will be unfamiliar to you, as their emphasis is on making money in this incredible income making arena and not educating others who will ultimately compete with them.

The first two steps I took and the ones I recommend for anyone starting out is to educate yourself by going to Clickbooth and signing up for their affiliate/publisher program. Then, once approved, spend some time on their blog educating yourself. It is an amazing world and there is a lot to learn, so make sure you take a day or two and get comfortable with it. You will have to revisit it often…but it will be well worth it.

Then, go to Affiliate Theme! It is remarkable and will do everything for you, including set up multiple themes for you, professionally tailored and directed to the offers you are interested in promoting.

So, once you are approved at and search through the offers you find that match well with your goals and interests, then go to Affiliate Theme and start making money!

The process, while at first intimidating, can be amazingly simple once you understand what you are doing. And, for the technical stuff, Affiliate Theme makes it so easy! The nicest feature Affiliate Theme has to offer is its versatility. You can use it for CPA offers, for blogs, for review sites, for landing/squeeze pages, and for portals.

Some of the highest earning bloggers on the Internet use Affiliate Theme and it’s versatile functionality to serve all their needs, it really can’t be beat. The combination of CPA via Clickbooth and Affiliate Theme is a powerful one-two punch for anyone wishing to take their Internet marketing efforts to the next level.

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