The Internet Marketing Quest Revealed: How to Start Your Own Online Business Parts 8-10

by John Zajaros on May 17, 2009

The “Ultimate” steps leading to success in any online business, regardless of the niche or area of concentration are numbers 8 through 10! Without numbers 8-10 the picture is incomplete, without these key ingredients, success will remain elusive.

Number 8: Take Action

This is self-explanatory, taking action, and yet so many people falter at this step step in the business building process. It is remarkable to think how many Internet marketing programs are sold every year, simply to sit on someone’s hard drive! I tell the story of Howie Schwartz and a young lady to illustrate just how common this is…so I hope it brings home the point, and the possibilities.

Number 9: Follow Through

Without follow through, the picture is incomplete, the business only partially set up. Imagine a car being built and half the way through the assembly process it is pulled off the assembly line and sent to the dealer. Not a great idea? Yet, this is precisely what happens every day in the Internet marketing community, in fact it happens in every aspect of business…people fail to integrate all the components necessary for success. So, make sure you use a tested system (steps 2 and 3) and follow through, A to Z…and beyond!

Step #10: Determination or the quality that drives someone to “Never Quit!”

This is the most important piece in the entire puzzle, neglecting to integrate this mentality into your online business building mentality will lead to failure. When everything in you says quit, don’t! I tell the story of a speech Winston Churchill gave just below this “How to Start Your Own Online Business” article/video series, I hope it puts it in its proper perspective. I certainly can’t say it any better than Churchill did decades ago!

Hope you have enjoyed this video series, in fact, the entire blog! Please feel free to comment and contact me for more discussion on this or any topic of interest!

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