The Internet Marketing Quest Revealed: Building Your First Blog

by John Zajaros on March 30, 2009

There are many ways to begin to blog, some are free and some cost few dollars to start with. The trick is to know which one to use for your primary Internet marketing, niche specific online business and which ones to use to help drive traffic to your primary one.

WordPress and All the Rest!

In my opinion, there is only one blogging platform to use if you are planning to build an online business using blogs as your primary method for income generation. Blogging is the fastest growing segment of the Internet marketing world, growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. Getting started is relatively simple and quite inexpensive, setup being a matter of a few steps if you have chosen the right web hosting company…one with Fantastico! If you have properly set up a web hosting account with HostGator, see the video below and the link on the side panel, you now have a domain name from GoDaddy that is search engine friendly, a hosting account with a dedicated IP address, and a web hosting company with Fantastico to build on.

So, for about $20 you are about to go into business for yourself!

Once you have your domain name “pointed” at your web hosting account by taking the two nameserver addresses you get from HostGator and plugging them in at GoDaddy, in your domain manager, your account will be up and running in about a day or so. It takes a while for everything to be communicated properly but once it is set, it’s only a matter of minutes to set your blog up!

Stand Alone Blogging: A separate entity, a business in and of itself and not an add-on!

If you are planning on making your blog “pay” you need to have it stand alone. To do this you will set it up as its own property and not as an adjunct to a website. While this is done quite frequently, if you are planning on monetizing the blog, then optimizing it for the best SEO results, keep it separate! Once your domain name is set and pointing to the right place, your web hosting account, all you need to do is log on to your “Cpanel,” short for control panel, and begin to build.

Fantastic! Fantastico!

On the Cpanel, scroll down to the Fantastico icon and click it! Once you do that, there will be a sidepanel on the left that has a bunch of “stuff” listed. Forget about everything else, click on the WordPress box. Clicking WordPress will take you to a very easy set of instructions and within minutes you will have your first blog! If you have any problems at all, go to support, then to tutorials, scroll down to the appropriate tutorial and it will fill in any gaps in your knowledge. You can use it to walk you through the entire process, it is very thorough and easy to follow.

Visit your blog!

Once you have set up your blog, it is time to build it the way you want it. There are a number of alternatives, including changing the theme, something I recommend, adding affiliate links, and the rest of it. However, before you start with any of that, let’s make sure that the blog is started right and the proper steps to make it search engine friendly are taken. SEO is important and takes time but it is wise to begin with the right template, right from the beginning.

SEO and your new blog!

Right now you have a blank blog, you should go in and delete the “Hello World” and add your own, keyword rich, description, a first mini-article of sorts. You can always change it but it will give people visiting for the first time a sense of where you are going to take them. Until you begin to add content, this will be nice filler and, if you are going to set up an AdSense account, something I recommend, it is a good idea to make sure you have a description with keywords that will enable the right sort of ad mixture. Meta tags should also be set up now but aren’t as important to SEO as they are to conversions once someone accesses your blog on a search engine result page (SERP). We will get into all of this in a subsequent post.

Next…Affiliates and Content!

We will discuss the best way to get affiliates on your blog, and which ones to avoid. Content is king. Period! If you don’t have good content, forget it, you will lose more clients than you can shake a stick at, so to speak. So, if you stink at writing, and many do, you need to hire someone to help you. We will get into outsourcing but make sure you have killer content right off the bat! If you have any questions, contact me and I can give you some suggestions.

Next? Building your content and outsourcing!

If you are unsure of yourself at all or want to go faster, using this blog to answer your questions along the way, I suggest two programs:


Internet marketing is not about duplication, it’s about connection. If you can connect with your clients, your target group, you will have a winner. If you cannot identify, empathize, even sympathize with them, there will be no connection. Without empathy and compassion, there will be no connection. You will be just another antiseptic site or blog…and there are far too many of those! Be different, be unique, and be passionate!

Hope you like the videos. Please use them to fill in the gaps and answer specific questions!

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