Success in Internet Marketing and Joe Girard’s Law of 250!

by John Zajaros on November 6, 2009

Many years ago I read a book titled How to Sell Anything to Anybody, it was by a car salesman who was noted in The Guiness Book of World Records as being the greatest salesman in the world.

Joe Girard’s accomplishment is really something, particularly in light of the fact that to his day people are reading his book and citing his ideas on relationship building an referral marketing.

However, all that aside, it was Joe Girard’s Law of 250 that has really stayed with me all theses years. It is the Law of 250 that is a lesson every marketer, in fact anyone who sells “anything to anybody” need to understand and realize the power of. It is the Law of 250 that will make or break you as a business person…and it is in this area most businesses, particularly today, fail miserably.

The Law of 250 states, and I am paraphrasing Joe Girard:

Everyone knows 250 people, on average, some more and some less. When you do business with just one person and you don’t treat them right they will tell all 250 people about the experience. If you alienate just one person a day and they tell 250 people? Inside of a year you will have enough people to fill a stadium, Joe used Tiger Stadium, all yelling “Don’t buy from so-and-so!”

Do the math!

That’s 91,250 people a year…and that’s if everyone who hears about it is quiet and doesn’t tell all the people they know! It could end up like that hair commercial! With 250 people telling the 250 people they know, and those 250 telling their 250…and so on…and so on…and so on!

Kind of like the hair commerical a while back!

Many businesses have gone out of business because of Joe Girard’s Law of 250, whether they realized it or not!

In this world, mediocrity has become the rule rather than the exception. Service and support is often outsourced and is almost an afterthought for many companies. In essence, many of these companies are putting out their own “Out of Business” sign…they are actively engaged in their own extinction….all due to the Law of 250!

It is up to you what kind of business you want to run and how long you want to be around. However, if you want to make it in the real world and not have tens of thousands of people all yelling “Don’t do business with [insert your name here]!” Be careful! Be diligent! And realize that support and service, like quality, need to be “Job #1!” Or you won’t be around long enough to see Job #2!

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PS, My sincere thanks to Joe Girard for answering my email and reminding me of some things I had forgotten, aside from his Law of 250. The Law of 250 which has stayed with me for 35 years! I met Joe 35 years ago and he is still as amazing and charismatic now as he was 35 years ago…he also knows how to make an impact. He also took the time to answer an email! How rare is that today? One of the true masters of his craft!

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