How to Succeed at Internet Marketing – Online Business and The Determination Factor

by John Zajaros on May 14, 2009

The Ultimate Internet Image: Internet Marketing and The Determination Factor

When you have a problem, one that is especially difficult and baffling, perhaps terribly discouraging, there is one basic principle to apply and keep on applying. It is simply this…never quit! A small college in the Midwest was about to graduate another senior class and they were up in the air as to who their commencement speaker should be. One of the students, someone long forgotten, suggested they invite Winston Churchill. The president of the small college laughed and many others scoffed at the suggestion, but the senior class president decided to take it upon himself to invite the great man. Deep down inside, even the young man sending the invitation had little hope that Churchill would actually accept, but he sent the invitation anyway. Low and behold, a few weeks before graduation the young man received a reply, Winston Churchill was coming to the graduation and he would speak at the commencement ceremony. Well, the day of the commencement ceremony arrived and so did Churchill. Shuffling along, chewing his cigar, he was cordial and greeted all with warmth and a handshake. The crowd was still and in awe as Churchill rose and walked slowly to the podium, you could have heard a pin drop. When the savior of Britain was sure he had everyone’s attention he gave one of the most memorable commencement speeches in history. This is what he said: “Never, never, never give up!” The crowd waited for Churchill to continue, his next words, but that was it. Churchill took one last look over the crowd, bowed slightly, and left the grounds. Those five words, that message so typical of Winston Churchill, reflected the mentality that saved a nation and shaped history, made history, are still remembered and talked about four decades later.

“Never, never, never give up!”

To give up is to invite complete defeat, and not only in connection with the matter at hand, building a business. Giving up contributes to an ultimate defeat of the personality, of the very soul. It tends to develop a defeat psychology, a defeatist personality. Facing an obstacle, a challenge? Go at the problem from a different direction if the approach or program you are using is not working! And if the new approach or methodology fails to generate the needed results, then go at it from still another direction until you find a solution. There is a solution, there is a key! There always is a solution, an answer! A persistent, intelligent, and determined approach, combined with imagination and thoughtfulness will yield results every time! How can you develop this relentless mindset, this not quitting, undefeatable attitude? Well, for one thing, never discuss defeat! If you do talk about losing, discuss defeat, you will actually talk yourself right into a defeatist mindset, the acceptance of defeat. In an article I read one time the author discussed the idea of the use of words, what she called “good” words and “bad” words, and how dangerous it is to use “negative” words. To speak negative or “bad” words is as dangerous as harboring negative thoughts, or worse. The author suggested to her readers, in this case yours truly, that we consider the word “no.” The word no denotes the closing or shutting of a door. It is negative and means defeat, failure, and delay. But spell “no” backwards and something amazing happens, backwards it spells “on.” Get really motivated! Push “on” with determination, unremittingly toward your goal until the challenge you are facing is gone, the problem solved, and your difficulties eliminated. The author also discussed the use of the word “teem.” In this context, the author noted that everything appears to be teeming in your life, and not in a positive way; teeming with difficulty, teeming with regrets, teeming with remorse, teeming with defeatist thoughts and actions, with ineffectiveness. So the author suggested we turn the word “teem” around to form the word “meet.” In doing so we commit to meet each challenge as it arises, never procrastinating!

Procrastination and Internet marketing, in fact, all business failure!

Procrastination is the surest avenue to failure. We are going to immediately remove procrastination from our lives. We will face situations head on and commit never to procrastinate again! You will no longer be teeming with negative thoughts, a defeatist attitude, and hopelessness. From now on you will become productive, innovative, imaginative, and creative. From this point forward you will vigorously “meet” each and every challenge as it arises, winning each and every time, carrying yourself and your business that much closer to you goal and ultimate toward success! Turn any “no” into “on” and turn “teem” into “meet.” Change your thoughts, your thinking, and meet your challenges in a positive and constructive fashion. Remember “The Determination Factor” it’s always too soon to quit!

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