How To Start Your Own Online Business: Successful Internet Marketing and Knowing Your Target Audience

by John Zajaros on May 18, 2009

Success in Internet marketing of any kind is about the little things adding up to a big picture. It’s kind of like a jigsaw puzzle, if you miss one of the pieces, the picture is incomplete. The same is true for building you online business. One of the most important components of any business building process is knowing who your target market is and how to reach them. Additionally, you must understand how to promote effective not only within the niche you select but across niches. The sort of cross promotion I am talking about will be discusses in the video below. if you have any questions after you watch it, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I am always available.

Keyword research, as well as target market/audience research must be focused and applied with an eye towards profitability and the ability to optimize, and monetize, you blog and its message! Without proper research, you are simply another average online business…and 97% of all blogs fail to ever generate a profit, much less a living for its owner. So, research is key!

I use several tools, some free and the others very reasonable considering the results:

Google’s Insights for Search is a powerful tool that, when applied properly, will provide valuable information about your prospective niche or niches, the target audience you hope to focus on, and much more!

Google’s keyword tool is a valuable tool, one that will save you time and effort, it will also help ensure that your domain name, articles, posts, tags, categories, in other words everything associated with you Internet marketing platform, your blog, is fully optimized.

Google Analytics, while a bit ahead of where we are at this moment, is also an integral component and will help you fully optimize your web presence. Interestingly, many of these tools and techniques are totally ignored by the “gurus” when they develop their Internet marketing courses. Perhaps it is because they don’t offer affiliate programs? Who knows, I would hope not!

Wordtracker is by far the finest keyword tools I have used. For a small monthly membership fee, this tool will prove an invaluable asset when doing research of any kind related to understanding search tendencies across the web, and for optimization of domain names, blog posts, articles, and so much more!

Some of my other favorite Internet marketing resources are: is by far the best ezine article directory on the Internet! Now, that’s a pretty bold statement, and should raise a few eyebrows! But when you consider the fact that they do not have an affiliate program, so I am not getting a cent for telling you about them, the statement gains weight! In fact, they are just that good! is by far the class of the Internet and you should develop a relationship with them first and foremost!

Jeff Herring, The Article Guy, is the man responsible for my picking up the pen again, figuratively speaking, and beginning to write once more! He made it interesting, fun, and easy…his course is nothing short of fantastic. Jeff has the best program on the market for article marketing, hands down! You can do no better, and you can do a heck of a lot worse! And that’s why I have used his course and I endorse it whole-heartedly here. Jeff Herring is indeed The Article Guy!

Tellman Knudson’s List Building Club – Free Trial Offer is Amazing! You may even win an amazing Ferrari 360 Spyder! This is the program I started with and it is complete and very reasonable. I am and absolute fan Tellman Knudson and his products. This is a must for anyone serious about Internet marketing. Invest in The List Building Club Gold Membership, if you can swing it, it is well worth the extra $30 a month and will pay for itself with great ideas that are easy to set up and apply to the Internet.

Russell Brunson’s Absolutely Amazing 27 Day Challenge! Just cover S&H and you will have invested in a program worth thousands! This is as good an offer as I’ve seen from DotComSecrets…don’t miss this one!

Marc Joyner’s Simpleology will do what the name implies and so much more! This program will focus that energy to a knife point and you will experience productivity like never before! The best part? It’s totally free! That’s right, free…always! No trial period, no hitch, just free and absolutely awesome! Sign up today!

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Best wishes and I am available for personal consultation any time!

Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.
Skype: johnzajaros1

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Business Web Directory March 1, 2010 at 2:02 pm

What is an Article Directory? An Article Directory is a repository for article written by website owners and marketeers. When an article is placed with the directory it can then be used by ither websites as part of their content.


coachz April 11, 2010 at 12:25 am

And it is an incredible resource overall, as well as being an awesome source for traffic!

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