How to Get Tons of Traffic with Articles: The Internet Marketing Quest Revealed

by John Zajaros on April 14, 2009

Writing Articles Builds Traffic, Presence, and Authority Status in Internet Marketing

How to write articles to build traffic and authority status is one of the most neglected areas in most “newbie” Internet marketing programs. Article writing and article marketing is both inexpensive and effective for establishing both the author and the blog or website as an authority or expert in their niche! Article directories are usually free and the impact articles have is immediate and profound. The viral effect of the Internet is immediately apparent when a good article is in play.

Not sure how to get started in article marketing? After watching this video go to Jeff Herring’s Website and get his article templates. Jeff supplies you his ebook the “20 Minute Article Templates – 26 Article Templates with Examples” and it is awesome! You can use the templates to build articles suitable for framing in no time at all! Well, almost! They will certainly good enough for publishing and driving tons of traffic to your website or blog. I may have said 20 article templates in the video but you’ll know when you get there that it’s even better than I’ve said! Once you’ve written your first article or articles, set up an account at an article directory. I suggest you begin with Chris Knight’s, it is a class operation and they will deliver tons of traffic right to your Internet marketing real estate, whether it’s a blog, website or both!

Important! There are a ton of article directories out there, some paying nice commissions for new business. At present, does not offer an affiliate program but I am still sending you to them first. Why? Because they are the best, pure and simple! If you want great support from an article directory run by a hands-on, dedicated group of professionals, they should be your first stop…period!

So, watch the video for the rest of the steps you need to know in order to get started and then get started with Jeff Herring’s article templates,if you need help! Then off to! Building tons of traffic has never been easier or more effective than it is with article marketing, if built on the right content, and delivered through the right article directory. Follow the steps above, starting with the people I’ve mentioned and their products, watch the video below, and you can’t go wrong!

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