How to Fight The Black Holes of Internet Marketing & Develop Internet Marketing Myopia!

by John Zajaros on April 28, 2009

Internet Marketing? How do I start an online business? Who do I trust for my Internet marketing resources? Are there any Internet marketing gurus? Really?

In order to begin and run an effective Internet marketing, at-home business you must first educate yourself! But how do you properly educate yourself? Who do you purchase your first program from and how long do you stay with that program? Do I need more than one program? What Internet marketing niche do I enter and how do I find information?

These are all questions we, or people like us, have all asked ourselves hundreds of times! Everyone has the solution, everyone has the product, and everyone is the expert of self-anointed “guru!” Unfortunately, most are not “gurus,” they are hucksters, sales reps at best…pushing their own products to feather their own nests!

So, you must do two things! One, you must find a program that works for you, one that serves your needs at the level you are currently at; and two, you must develop what I call Internet Marketing Myopia!

Internet Marketing Myopia!?

Internet Marketing Myopia (IMM) is the ability to put blinders on and to work, with a single-minded purpose and determination, on your online business, without paying attention to all of the experts out there, ignoring all the distractions that come along with constant exposure to the Internet. And above all? Avoiding the Black hole of internet marketing…email! You must be able to focus, stop following every pied piper that comes along with their distinctive and very appealing siren’s song! There are launches every day, you are enticed at every turn to go here, follow this, do that, try this, just sign up for that! The end result? the Black Hole of internet Marketing sucks all the time you have and you end up spending days with nothing to show for it, except for a very full inbox and a very empty back account!

So, as you watch this video ask yourself one question: “Is this me?”

If the answer to the above is yes, then ask yourself if you have had enough! If you can answer yes to that, we are ready to talk!

Are you ready to succeed? If so, watch this video, opt-in for the newsletter, and call, Skype or email me! Tell me you are ready and what you are willing to do to succeed. We will commence at once to start a profitable and prosperous Internet Marketing Business, a relationship, a mastermind group, complete with the appropriate level of Internet Marketing Myopia!

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Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.
Skype: johnzajaros1

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