Hey! Frank Kern Said Something Smart!

by John Zajaros on November 5, 2009

Frank Kern Says A Lot of Smart Things!

I was walking late last night with TuffGuy, actually it was early this morning…about 4am, as a matter of fact! I was in one of those philosophical moods I get in every once and a while but this time I happened to look up.

There was a gorgeous full moon encircled by a ring of cirrus clouds. Just gorgeous and full, or as close to full as you can get without it being completely, just a sliver beyond but still amazing.

Frank Kern’s conversation with Tony Robbins during an interview for The New Money Masters came back in a flash!

You see, Frank was talking about his success in the Internet marketing world and his sense of positive expectancy. The sense of all things possible is something he, I, and probably many of you reading this got from Tony’s Personal Power II program…if you were fortunate enough to buy a copy and put it into action.

During the conversation Frank said something that has been playing over and over in my mind for the last 2 months:

“Anything is possible! If that hasn’t been proven repeatedly throughout history then you are not paying attention. We’ve got people going to the moon, for gosh sakes, so surely I could make a couple more ebooks!”

Or as close to that as I can remember off the top of my head.

It’s brilliant!

On so many levels, this seemingly simplistic observations hits the nail on the head. He are not only capable of great things, history bears it out. And the fact that we are only constrained by our imaginations means our future is infinite, limitless in its possibilities!

Certainly we can create a few more ebooks turned into an awesome business for Frank Kern and his model for doing business has been copied successfully by hundreds, probably thousands of marketers inspired by the laid back but thoroughly competent entrepreneur and marketing genius behind the Surfer Dud persona.

Ebooks and certainly more! But it doesn’t stop there…we are capable of great things!

That was the crux of the message, all wrapped up in a very clear and concise interview of one of The New Money Masters, Frank Kern.

On to business!

Frank is opening up his Mass Control for a limited time and he has shared the early bird link with me via email. I am NOT an affiliate, I just think Frank Kern is one of the people online you need to pay attention to…one of The New Money Masters! So, I am posting the link here for anyone who wishes to learn from one of the best. It is my understanding that their are only 140 Mass Control courses available, so don’t wait because Frank really does shut his down once he has sold out.

Frank Kern’s Mass Control 2.0

Enjoy it and let me know what you think as you write your ebook…and plan your very own trip to the moon!


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